Protecting Your Pool During Winter

Avoid These Mistakes When Having a Pool Installed On Your Property

Having a pool installed on your property can mean hours of fun during the summer and a great way to entertain family and friends. However, before you start talking to a pool contractor, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid when choosing that pool and deciding where to locate it on your property. This will ensure you're happy with your pool for years to come.

Overlooking trees

Consider if there is a tree on your property that is always shedding leaves and twigs and if this would mean lots of debris on the pool's surface. You may want to trim back that tree or even have it removed and replaced. It's also good to consider a pool cover that will protect the pool's water; a motorized cover works with a remote or the touch of a button, and this can mean far less cleaning and vacuuming of the pool, and less wear and tear on the pool's filter.

Overlooking needed clearance around the pool

You may want a pool that is as large as legally allowed on your property, but consider if this would make the yard uncomfortable; no doubt you'll want to add some lounge chairs and a side table to the pool area for relaxing, and kids and pets often want to run around the pool as part of their play. An oversized pool that comes right up to the edge of your property can seem out of place and disproportionate, and actually be less enjoyable than one that is smaller and more to scale.

Also, when you install a pool, you're usually required to include a fence around it. When choosing the size of pool, consider the type of fence you want and the space it will need. Note, too, if you'll want new landscaping. For example, you may want a glass pool fence so it doesn't detract from your yard's appearance, but glass offers little privacy from the neighbours. Planting shrubbery in front of that fence will add some privacy, but you'll need to leave space for this around the pool, so keep all these factors in mind when choosing the pool size.

Ignoring comfort underfoot

When choosing the material for your pool, note how comfortable it will be underfoot. If you opt for concrete, this might be very rough on your feet, so you may need to add tile to soften the surface. A vinyl or plastic pool is naturally softer and may be a good choice if you tend to stand in the pool more than you actually swim in the water.

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