Protecting Your Pool During Winter

Can Your Spa Be Fixed?

Having a spa or hot tub in your backyard or side yard can mean enjoying a nice relaxing soak outside, no matter the temperature! Many spas come with built-in jets, which can also be very soothing and relaxing and even help increase your blood circulation, healing sore muscles. While a high-quality spa may last for many years before it needs any type of fixes, it will eventually break down in some way. Note some troubleshooting tips for when this happens, and what you might need to do to keep that spa in good working order.

Filter keeps clogging

If your spa's filter keeps clogging, you may need to adjust the water chemistry. You may not be adding enough of certain chemicals to break down and dissolve body oils, suntan oils and other such contaminants that could be making their way to the spa's filter, causing it to clog. If algae regularly develops in the spa walls, you may need to shock the water more often to kill those contaminants and stop their growth and to keep them from damaging the filter and other spa parts.

Heater failure

If your spa doesn't heat as it should, the heating element or coil may be corroded. This is often caused by improper pH levels in the water; a lower pH can mean more corrosion of that heating coil so that it breaks down more easily. Check the water chemistry often so you can keep that pH at the level recommended for your spa. Replace the coil or heating element and keep the water at a good pH level, and this should keep the heater working as it should.

Dirty water

If the spa's filter is not clogged but the water in the spa still seems dirty or oily, it may be that you're not running the pump long enough or often enough. Remember that spa water doesn't flow through the filter on its own, but the pump pulls the water toward the filter so it can be cleaned. If you operate the pump manually, be sure you keep it on long enough to move all the spa water through the filter as needed. If the pump turns on automatically and then shuts off on its own, and water is still dirty, the pump may be underpowered for the size of spa you have and isn't moving all that water as needed. Invest in a larger or stronger pump to keep the spa water clean.