Protecting Your Pool During Winter

Simple Pool Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

One of the challenging household tasks most homeowners struggle with is pool cleaning. This is the reason most people choose to hire experts each time they require regular pool cleaning services. However, this task doesn't have to be difficult. With some basic steps and routine procedure, you can actually ensure your pool is efficiently cleaned always. Here are simple pool cleaning tips you should keep in mind.

Clean the pool edge

Many people postpone cleaning the pool edge since it's a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. However, it's advisable to clean the pool edges regularly. This helps prevent the formation of limescale at the waterline. The more you postpone this, the more difficult it'll be to get rid of the limescale.

That way you can avoid limescale build-up at the waterline. The longer you postpone this, the harder it will be to remove the limescale. So, clean the pool border regularly to give your pool a perfect waterline.

Remove the leaves

Dry leaves usually affect the water quality since they absorb chlorine. That's the main reason why they need to be removed regularly. You can accomplish this with skimming nets, but ensure the skimmer basket is emptied often because it'll likely have many leaves.

Add flocculant

When you use the same water for a long period, some concentrations can increase. Copper, calcium and iron can become an issue, causing brown stains in your pool. Avoid this by using flocculant, as it precipitates the dirty particles, making it easy to remove them from your pool using a pool vacuum. The product also offers another benefit: it clears the pool water.

Vacuum the pool

The other step you can take to remove dirt particles is using a pool vacuum. Pool vacuums come in different variants. Manual vacuums are inexpensive but will take much time to clean the pool; it's quite labour intensive. A perfect alternative is to use an automatic pool cleaner – this vacuum will do all the work. However, you cannot compare its buying price with the manual vacuum. But automatic pool cleaners are convenient and will help you save on the products required for pool maintenance.

Cleanse your roll deck cover

Dirt particles also tend to build up in and on pool covers. To get rid of this and maintain the looks of your roll deck, take time to clean your pool cover thoroughly. Consider using a proper sponge and a suitable cleaning product; this won't take much of your time.